How to plan the perfect home renovation
19 July 2011

The key to a success renovation is to research which specific renovations work well in your local area, the experts say.

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Pricing of Commercial Property Loans
18 July 2011

Commercial property finance is very poorly understood, and this is a major contributor to poor decisions by investors. The most important thing to know about commercial property loans is that there is no hard and fast rules about factors such as the leverage that is available, costs associated with commercial loans or the lending criteria. In commercial finance everything has to be viewed relative to the strength and size of the particular deal.

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Could your credit card debt squash your home loan application?
15 July 2011

If you were to walk down the street and canvas the people who pass by, you’d be hard pressed finding someone who doesn’t have at least one credit card. In fact, most of us have two or three visas and mastercards and on the go at any one time, with varying credit limits and balances.

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5 costly mortgage traps to avoid
14 July 2011

If it hasn’t happened to you, then it’s likely that you know someone who has ended up stuck with a mortgage that didn’t suit their needs.

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Are we facing an affordability crisis?
13 July 2011

As rising interest rates and inflated property prices push the dream of owning a home out of reach of many ordinary Australians, the question must be asked: are we facing an affordability crisis?

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