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Whether you’re a business start-up or an established firm, a decision to grow your asset base is often a daunting exercise.

Asset Finance will help your start-up business or established firm grow your asset base. Perry Finance provides various asset lending products designed to optimise your cash flow. Our expert team of asset finance brokers in Melbourne will help you leverage current assets to fund growth or provide cost-effective methods to help you get there.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance includes a suite of business finance options used across multiple industries, from sole traders to SMEs. Businesses can apply these strategies to generate more revenue and increase profits. Here are some asset examples your business can choose to acquire on finance or leverage as current assets:

  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Inventory
  • Machinery
  • Office space

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Why Choose Perry Finance for Asset Finance?

Perry Finance is more than your ordinary broker. 

Perry Finance is an award-winning experts in residential and commercial loans, plus other funding solutions. We know that for a business to succeed, it’s not just about securing finance. It’s about identifying the most cost-effective product for your current and future growth needs. With 20 years of solid industry experience and accolades behind us, we offer expert advice each step of the way. Our extensive lending networks allow us to explore traditional and non-traditional borrowing models to help secure the best deal for you.

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Our Asset Finance Options In Melbourne

Perry Finance’s asset finance services are tailored specifically to your business needs. We take into consideration the business model and any short or long-term goals. Our careful assessment means we can provide expert advice, making you confident with your asset finance option.

Chattel Mortgages can be broken down into two parts: “chattel” refers to assets, and “mortgage” describes the loan structure (also referred to as home loan or mortgage).

To secure the loan, the lender may use equipment or a vehicle that has been purchased. This is a popular asset vehicle finance option for new businesses.

A business will obtain ownership of the asset at the time of purchase. As the repayments are made, they can also be claimed as a tax deduction.

Repayment terms are flexible and typically span across a 2-5 year time frame. Repayments are generally lower than secured loans, and a balloon payment or lump sum can be set for the end of the loan term to reduce monthly payments.

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In a hire purchase agreement, the lender buys and retains asset ownership for the loan term. Asset ownership is transferred to the business when the business has made all of the payments.

Hire purchase agreements deliver:

  •  A quick set-up with flexible terms for equipment or vehicles.
  •  Affordable monthly repayments
  •  Reduced monthly payments to ease cash flow stress and the option of a balloon payment or lump sum paid at the end of the loan term.

Starting or growing a business is ideal for utilising a hire purchase agreement.

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An equipment leases is a business strategy to reduce the cost of buying expensive commercial equipment or vehicles.

A lender will lease an asset to the business for a fixed monthly payment. The equipment lease can be customised to fit business requirements.

A new business needing more finance to own its equipment may use this method to get started. A more established firm may also use this method to upgrade its hardware.

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A Finance and Capital lease is based on different business accounting methods and tax implications.

These leases are widely used in the construction, manufacturing and transport industries, as well as the healthcare and retail sectors.

Leasing equipment is cheaper than buying; therefore, monthly payments are lower, providing more control over cash flow.

Finance leases (also referred to as capital leases) are long-term agreements:

  •   A business may rent rather than buy essential assets from a lender.
  •   A business is responsible for maintenance and running costs for the lease term, much like an owner.
  •   At the end of the lease, a business may have the option to buy the asset for its residual value.

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An operating lease is typically a short-term lease agreement.

  •   A lender will own an asset and keep ownership at the end of the lease term.
  •   Set monthly payments for the lease, which will include all operating costs for the asset.
  •   At the end of the lease term, the business will return the asset with no further costs.
  •   Operating leases are cost-effective for assets that depreciate fast. For example, IT equipment.

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Asset refinancing (also referred to as asset finance loan) is when a business uses existing business assets to access a line of credit.

Even when an asset remains under a finance agreement, a business can borrow against the partially owned asset.

This can be a viable option for businesses looking to ease cash flow pressure, especially when pursuing growth opportunities or consolidating debt.

Tailoring asset finance to most business assets is possible.

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Asset Finance FAQS

If you need access to fast short-term capital did you know that bridging finance could be an option?

Getting approval for loans the normal way can be a slow process and bridging finance can provide you with short-term relief until a longer-term solution is found.


There’s a well-known saying that goes along the lines of ‘you need money to make money’, and it’s never truer than when referring to businesses and the assets they need to operate.

It’s common for businesses to need large funds to spend on big-ticket items like vehicles, plant and machinery so they can operate and produce and sell goods and services that make them a profit.


As part of our recent look into the asset finance options businesses have in the current market, we can focus in on hire purchase today as one of the options for businesses to get access to the vehicles, plant and/or machinery they need to make their money.


Businesses who don’t have great cash flow to splash out on the expensive assets they need to run their operation can save money by renting them instead.


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