RBA insists interest rates are staying put but economists are casting doubt
27 October 2021

The Reserve Bank has long been staunch on interest rates remaining where they are until 2024 at least, but economists are starting to disagree.

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Affordability a hurdle for unit dwellers looking to start a family and upgrade
20 October 2021

The gap between unit and house prices in Melbourne continues to widen and it’s making things difficult for some people looking to upgrade from their little unit to a bigger space.

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Economists say APRA's new lending restriction effectively a market interest rate hike for borrowers
08 October 2021

Economists say APRA’s new lift to the borrowing interest rate buffer will slow house price growth and is effectively an interest rate hike.

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APRA clamps down on borrowing
07 October 2021

The regulator has stepped in with new rules that make banks check if borrowers can afford repayments if the interest rate was 3 percentage points higher than the loan product rate, which is a rise from the 2.5 per cent previously.

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Non-bank lending to small business on the rise
30 September 2021

A new Productivity Commission report has found that non-bank lending is on the rise.

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