Funded Projects

Successfully Funded Projects

A trusted partner for Property Developers providing suitably tailored funding opportunities and solutions for qualifying borrowers.

Perry Finance is proud to have served our customers for the past 20 years. Throughout this time, we have strived to provide exceptional financial services and to innovate within the industry.

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and partnership, which has enabled us to achieve these accomplishments.


Funded Transactions

Western Sydney Metro

Lending Amount: $10.5m
Solution Provided:  Land Subdivision Loan

Lending Amount: $4.5m
Solution Provided: Commercial Loan Refinance

Melbourne CBD, VIC

Lending Amount: $27m
Solution Provided: Funding for a commercial office fit-out at near bank rates with flexible terms around leasing requirements

Lending Amount: $1.7m
Solution Provided: Future Development Site

Melbourne Western Suburbs, VIC

377 Hectares of Land

Lending Amount: $76m
Solution Provided: Settlement of land purchase based on long term contract. Funding provided against valuation with all capital returned to the purchaser.

Melbourne, VIC

Lending Amount: $4.7m
Solution Provided: Bridging Loan

Coburg North, VIC

63 Premium Warehouses and Office Warehouses
Lending Amount: $13m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage

Lending Amount: $1.5m
Solution Provided: Commercial Loan

Lending Amount: $1.2m
Solutions Provided: Construction Loan


Lending Amount: $4.76m
Solution Provided: Land Purchase

16 Luxury Apartments Construction
Lending Amount: $12.8m
Solutions Provided: First Mortgage

Lending Amount: $4.2m
Solution Provided: Refinance

Lending Amount: $2.3m
Solution Provided:  The client had experienced delays in their build and the existing funder had refused to extend their loan. We arranged a refinance to another funder who paid outstanding drawdowns and ensured the project was successfully completed.

Port Melbourne, VIC

23 Apartments & 1 Retail Space

Lending Amount: $23.4m
Solution Provided: Low interest rate loan provided with flexibility around pre-sale requirements

Lending Amount: $11.4m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage Construction Funding

3 Luxury Town Houses
Lending Amount: $2.13m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage Construction Funding

1.22 Hectares of Land
Lending Amount: $5.5m
Solution Provided: Land Purchase

73 Apartments and 2 Retail
Lending Amount: $22m
Solutions Provided: First Mortgage and Mezzanine Funding

Greensborough, VIC

36 Apartments

Lending Amount: $13m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage, Mezzanine Funding and Cost Overrun Facility

Lending Amount: $2.65m
Solution Provided:  Working Capital

40 Apartments
Lending Amount: $11.7m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage with Preferred Equity Facility

17 Apartments
Lending Amount: $7m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage with no guarantee required from unit holders of Borrowing Entity

6 Luxury Townhouses
Lending Amount: $6.4m
Solution Provided: Residual Stock

Melbourne, VIC

Commercial Property

Lending Amount: $21.6m
Solution Provided:  funding for the acquisition of a commercial office acquisition at major bank rates for a not-for-profit organisation with no recourse to directors.

Box Hill, VIC

Construction: 3 Retail, 6 Offices, 56 Apartments
Lending Amount: $21.9m
Solution Provided: First Mortgage and
Mezzanine Funding