5 costly mortgage traps to avoid
14 July 2011

If it hasn’t happened to you, then it’s likely that you know someone who has ended up stuck with a mortgage that didn’t suit their needs.

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Are we facing an affordability crisis?
13 July 2011

As rising interest rates and inflated property prices push the dream of owning a home out of reach of many ordinary Australians, the question must be asked: are we facing an affordability crisis?

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Refinancing still going strong - MFAA
12 July 2011

Home owners are still refinancing their mortgages, even as the property market remains flat, the latest Bankwest/MFAA Home Finance Index has shown. The Home Finance Index, which surveyed more than 1,139 respondents, revealed that one in four (24.7%) had refinanced their loan in the past two years and 14.2 per cent had refinanced in the previous year, an increase on the previous HFI.

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6 ways to save for a bigger deposit
11 July 2011

One of the biggest challenges of buying your first home is being able to save the deposit. But with these tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to home ownership in no time…

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The 10 most common mistakes made by investors
08 July 2011

To give your property pursuits the best chance of success, we spoke to Damon Nagel, managing director of Ironfish, who shares the top 10 most common mistakes made by investors.

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