House prices rise as Australia gets on top of the coronavirus
03 December 2020

House prices nationally in Australia rose for the second consecutive month in November.

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State Budget offers big stamp duty cuts for homes under $1 million
27 November 2020

Treasurer Tim Pallas says stamp duty will be halved for new homes and cut by 25 per cent for existing homes as of now through to June 2021.

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Former RBA governor behind fresh calls to allow first homebuyers to dip into their super
24 November 2020

Former Reserve Bank governor Bernie Fraser is leading a new push to look at letting low-income earners and first homebuyers dip into their super to buy a home.

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The Federal Government's plans to axe responsible lending laws are set for a torrid time in the Senate
19 November 2020

The Federal Government wants to axe new responsible lending laws amid the COVID economic downturn but it might have a tough time getting it through the Senate.

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NSW plan to phase out stamp duty garnering widespread support
18 November 2020

New South Wales has announced plans to phase out stamp duty and it’s getting support from both sides of politics, as well as the Reserve Bank governor.

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