6 hard truths about finding a bargain
05 December 2012

Investors wanting to buy properties for way below their value are in for a surprise. To bag true bargains, there are six undeniable realities that every bargain hunter has to face

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How first time investors fail
20 November 2012

A large portion of investors never make it past one or two property purchases – and it’s not because of their personal income, it’s because they made the following mistakes

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Should I invest in property or shares?
14 June 2012

In these uncertain times of slow property markets and crashing share prices, are you still tossing up best place to park your hard earned money for maximum chances of capital growth? You may be surprised by the latest thinking on the matter.

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Rate hold a missed opportunity to boost property
19 February 2012

Reaction to the RBA's decision to keep interest rates on hold has come in thick and fast, with commentators labelling it as a missed opportunity to boost the property market.

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