Higher than expected unemployment may fuel further rate cuts
11 July 2013

Today's jobless figures have revealed a higher than expected unemployment rate.

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Should you hire a property manager for your new rental property?
10 July 2013

You’ve bought your new investment property and are ready to rent it out and watch it grow in capital value over the next decade or two. Can you just leave it and look after it yourself or should you hire a property manager to make sure you’re getting the best possible rental return and to ensure the place is well looked after?

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Negative gearing and why people do it
01 July 2013

There are two main reasons people invest in a negatively geared property. Firstly, to save on tax, and secondly to generate an investment that will provide capital gain down the track.

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Using the equity in your home to invest again
24 June 2013

Low interest rates and a flat housing market may mean it’s a good time to use the equity in your home to invest in a second property.

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Sliding dollar could mean growth
21 June 2013

There are fresh hopes Australia's recently hard-hit export and manufacturing industries might get relief with the recent slide in the Aussie dollar, and further falls predicted.

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