QBE lifts LMI by 9 per cent
21 August 2013

QBE Insurance increased Lender's Mortgage Insurance (LMI) by 9 per cent this year, due to its forecasts of volatility in the future Australian property market.

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The best renovations for adding value to property
20 August 2013

A run-down or old-fashioned property can be slightly depressing to live in, and even harder to rent out.

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Sun set to shine on Sunshine once more
13 August 2013

A new metropolitan planning strategy is set to make Sunshine a key in the development of Melbourne’s western suburbs.

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New figures show home loan approvals on the rise
09 August 2013

An improving housing sector has been reflected in new Bureau of Statistics figures that show an increase in home loan approvals.

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RBA cuts interest rates to lowest level since 1959
06 August 2013

Interest rates today took another quarter of a per cent drop, stooping to their lowest levels since 1959.

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