New figures show home loan approvals on the rise
09 August 2013

An improving housing sector has been reflected in new Bureau of Statistics figures that show an increase in home loan approvals.

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RBA cuts interest rates to lowest level since 1959
06 August 2013

Interest rates today took another quarter of a per cent drop, stooping to their lowest levels since 1959.

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Aussie dollar drops below the psychological barrier
02 August 2013

The Aussie dollar fell as low as US89.27cents on Thursday morning, breaking the US90c barrier to a three-year low.

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Financing property renovations to increase the market value of your property
01 August 2013

Home improvements continue to be very popular among Australia’s property owners. A quick glance at a current television guide showing numerous primetime home-improvement reality shows will confirm that very quickly!

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Eastern suburbs show signs of strength
23 July 2013

Strong auction sales and rising prices in Melbourne's easten suburbs have undone the falls and slump of 2010-2012.

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