First home buyers: Where the bloody hell are you?
21 January 2014

If Lara Bingle was to reinvent her spot as ambassador for the Australian Tourist Commission, she might well do it for the first home buyers in Victoria and once again pose the question: “Where the bloody hell are you?”

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2013's best performing suburbs
17 January 2014

Northern Melbourne suburb of Kingsbury has topped the list for the best-performed area for real estate in 2013.

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Unemployment remains at 4-year high
16 January 2014

Australia’s unemployment rate remains at a four-year high of 5.8 per cent. 

Figures released by the Bureau of Statistics show the economy lost 31,600 full-time jobs in December.

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Bitcoins used to buy property
12 January 2014

The New York Post has reported that Bitcoins are being accepted by a Manhattan-based real estate broker for real estate transactions.

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Investing in a warehouse may pay handsomely in 2014
10 January 2014

Warehouses might be a good option for an investment over a residential property, with the rising use of the internet and e-commerce leading to an increased demand.

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