Australian dollar is too high: IMF
13 February 2014

The recent collapse of the Australian car manufacturing industry has strengthened a new review of the Australian economy from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that has found the Australian dollar is trading too high and needs to be around the low US80c region.

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It may be curtains for the rate cut cycle
09 February 2014

Home-loan borrowers have been given the heads-up not to expect any more interest rate cuts after the RBA gave the economy a quietly confident vote of approval.

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How to save a deposit for a home in 3 years
28 January 2014

Saving for a deposit for a home loan can be hard to do quickly, and is even hard for some people to get started at all.

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Interest rates look set to remain steady
24 January 2014

Home loan borrowers can put their hopes on hold for short-term rate cuts as the struggling jobs market continues to hold the economy back.

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Loan-to-value ratios in decline
23 January 2014

Loan-to-value ratios (LVR’s) are in decline, with the latest AFG Mortgage Index figures showing them to be at their lowest level since 2012.

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