Should financial literacy be taught in schools?
03 April 2014

Lending newcomer Yellow Brick Road has urged the government to teach financial literacy in schools.

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Economists divided over future interest rate cuts
02 April 2014

The Australian dollar rose, albeit briefly, to a four-month high off the back of this week’s RBA announcement of no change to interest rates.

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ACTU to push for minimum wage increase to help first-home buyers
27 March 2014

In a bid to help first-home buyers be able to afford to buy a home, the ACTU will make a submission this week to the Fair Work Commission, aiming for an increase to the minimum wage.

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Some things to consider when subdividing your block
26 March 2014

Subdividing land – it sells itself right? Buy a block at one price, subdivide the land and sell the two lots at a hopefully much higher price than you paid for the original block.

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Have you ever heard of a 'reverse mortgage'?
25 March 2014

A reverse mortgage is a home loan that provides cash payments based on home equity. The idea is that homeowners normally defer payment of the loan until they die, sell or move out of home.

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