How to sell fast in a slow market
23 September 2011

When you bought your first property, you had a purpose, the property met your needs, and certainly there was a special connection. Now as the vendor, you are on the other side of the fence. But stepping into that old hat again and being in the buyer’s mind can help you be at the top of the selling game.

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Could Stamp Duty Be Abolished?
22 September 2011

Interesting article in today's Age about stamp duty. It looks like some very influential people are advocating for it to be severely scaled down or abolished.

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Low growth, high inflation challenges RBA
16 September 2011

RBA deputy governor Ric Battellino has commented that the Reserve Bank board has had to balance higher-than-anticipated inflation with slowed economic growth. Battellino said inflation for 2011 is likely to trend higher than was forecast last year, while growth estimates have had to be revised downward amid global economic uncertainty and this year's natural disasters.

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Positively geared property investments: do they exist?
11 September 2011

When investors talk of buying positively geared property, where are they looking – and do these types of investments still really exist?

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Seven lenders secrets that could save you thousands
05 September 2011

In fact, there are many aspects to financing that your bank may not necessarily tell you about. The following are some of the hidden truths your lender is unlikely to tell you about:

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