Should banks be forced to reveal their sub-banks in advertising?
24 April 2014

There are calls from some brokers and lenders for banks to be more transparent in regards to which other banks, aggregators and brokerages they own.

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New home building may lead economic growth
23 April 2014

The Housing Institute of Australia (HIA) has said it might be the housing sector that stimulates the country’s next round of growth.

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Home loan advantages for medical professionals
22 April 2014

Some banks are offering recently graduated medical professionals and doctors home loans with a loan to value ratio (LVR) of 90 per cent.

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Outer eastern suburbs Melbourne's hot property performer
16 April 2014

Autumn’s star performer in the Melbourne property market has been without a doubt the outer eastern suburbs.

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Controlling the Process
15 April 2014

The other day, while doing some analysis on the loans lodged over the past year and looking at the timeframes and where delays have occurred, I was struck by the number of stages that a loan application needs to go through before settlement and the number of people that the file depends on to go smoothly.

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