RBA cut will help the struggling
11 November 2011

The mortgage industry has praised the RBA rate cut, saying it will provide a boost to the economy and comfort to stressed homeowners.

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Four ways to negotiate a better deal with your bank
07 November 2011

Keen to access a better interest rate, more flexibility and extra features on your home loan? Save yourself the hassle and the paperwork and instead of refinancing, negotiate with your current lender for a better deal.

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How to benefit from the interest rate cut
04 November 2011

Everyone with a home loan is a winner on Melbourne Cup day today, as the Reserve Bank has lowered the official interest rates by 0.25%, but how will the lower rate affect your finances?

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How to find a cash flow positive deal
21 October 2011

As cash flow positive property seems to be on the mind of every would-be investor in the current market, we show you how to track down the deals!

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Investors to benefit from bank price wars
14 October 2011

Property investors and high net worth individuals are benefitting most from the mortgage price war being waged by lenders at present.

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