Housing prices fall along with consumer confidence
03 June 2014

House prices have fallen for the first time in a year, possibly in part from a reaction to the federal government’s tight budget.

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Three quick steps to help prepare for future rate rises
29 May 2014

While interest rates are expected to be stable in the near-term, many economists believe the next time they do move, they will move upwards.

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Pressure on lenders to remain prudent
28 May 2014

As banks are taking more risks in their lending to capture the low interest rate $1.3 trillion mortgage market, it has sparked more warnings to banks to be wary

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Investors hoping for capital gains as rental yields slow
27 May 2014

While home prices are surging, rents are crawling to their slowest pace since the global financial crisis and some economists are concerned that investors are buying property hoping mainly for capital gains.

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Northern Territory Government scraps first home buyer grant for established homes
22 May 2014

The ever-changing landscape of first home buyer grants continues to evolve as the Northern Territory government announces it is scrapping its $12,000 grant for first home buyers who buy established property from the end of the year.

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