Brokers warned about 'scheme promoting'
04 December 2013

Mortgage brokers may be unwittingly breaking the law with investment loans that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) see as 'scheme promoting'.

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What do property buyers want?
02 December 2013

What is it that buyers are after when buying property? The features they might be looking for can depend on how much they are paying for the property, the size and location of the property and who it is that is buying the property, that is, whether the purchaser is an owner-occupier, investor or developer.

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Banks getting nervous around risky mining towns
26 November 2013

It's about to become harder to get finance in mining towns as banks rein in loans in resource sector areas.

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Property market cools as Christmas approaches
25 November 2013

The property market is showing signs of cooling down as we head towards Christmas, with Melbourne's auction clearance rate dropping to its lowest level since spring began.

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Your own home is hard to lose, but it can happen
22 November 2013

How's the serenity!? A man's home is generally his castle but can circumstances ever conspire so that you lose your bricks and mortar?

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