Stubborn Australian dollar stays on its feet
24 June 2014

It may be time for the RBA to throw in the towel and call off the fight it has been having with the Australian dollar.

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Paying an agent to help you find and buy your dream property
19 June 2014

When you sell your property you usually pay an agent to get the best deal for you while you go on as usual in your day job. But have you ever thought about paying someone to find your dream house when you want to buy?

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Melbourne's richest suburbs get two-storey height restriction
17 June 2014

Some of Melbourne’s best suburbs have won approval from planning minister Matthew Guy to ban high-rise developments.

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Low returns on savings hurting those close to retirement
16 June 2014

The high Australian dollar is making life tough for people with savings deposits.

In a failed attempt to bring the dollar down with low cash rates, the RBA is coming under increasing pressure for its stance on record low interest rates.

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Aussie dollar continues to defy expectations
12 June 2014

Amazingly, the Australian dollar continues to show strength, trading today at a four-week high of 93.74 US cents.

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