How property sales can fall through at the last minute
23 October 2014

When it comes to selling property, sometimes you can be within touching distance of a sale, only for it to slip through your fingers at the last minute.

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First-home buyer slide continues in August
22 October 2014

Fresh data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show first-home buyer numbers continue to fade.

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Steering clear of home loan deposit confusion
21 October 2014

Potential property buyers are faced with increasing confusion, with potentially misleading loan-to-value ratios (LVRs) being advertised on home loans.

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Debate rages over fee-for-service vs commissions
16 October 2014

The recent Financial System Inquiry saw claims from some financial bodies that the fee-for-service model for mortgage brokers is better than commissions.

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Property at the heart of the world's 'richest' nation
15 October 2014

Australians have just been rated the richest people in the world and it’s because of one thing - houses.

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