Northern Territory Government scraps first home buyer grant for established homes
22 May 2014

The ever-changing landscape of first home buyer grants continues to evolve as the Northern Territory government announces it is scrapping its $12,000 grant for first home buyers who buy established property from the end of the year.

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Australia's property market one of the most overvalued worldwide
21 May 2014

Australia’s property market is one of the most over-valued in the world according to a report from Deutsche Bank Global Markets Research.

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Family homes and negative gearing escape federal budget cut backs
20 May 2014

Negative gearing is still alive and well in Australia after it survived the federal budget knife.

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Hockey scraps Rudd's first home saver accounts scheme
15 May 2014

Kevin Rudd’s first home saver accounts scheme has been scrapped by Joe Hockey’s federal budget.

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Cafe latte hipsters moving to Melbourne's inner west
14 May 2014

The café latte hipster set are making Melbourne’s inner west a hot area for property.


Once an exclusively working class area, the western suburbs are proving a great way for young Melbourne hipsters to get a foot in the property door.

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