10 ways to bag a bargain
12 September 2013

1. Look for an eager vendor

A vendor under distress is the most obvious component of a cheap purchase. There is no moral high ground here– often it’s a case that the seller needs a quick disposal and is willing to cut back on the price in order to move the bricks and mortar on.

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How to get the loan you want every time
11 September 2013

No finance, no investment. It’s that simple. So how do you get the bank to say yes to your mortgage application each time you ask?

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10 quick ways to sniff out great locations before anybody else
10 September 2013

Finding the right location is crucial to ensure strong long-term capital growth, but amid the noise of real estate agents, friends and family and your own prejudices to areas – how do you know for sure that an area’s investment potential stacks up? Here are 10 steps.

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QBE lifts LMI by 9 per cent
21 August 2013

QBE Insurance increased Lender's Mortgage Insurance (LMI) by 9 per cent this year, due to its forecasts of volatility in the future Australian property market.

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The best renovations for adding value to property
20 August 2013

A run-down or old-fashioned property can be slightly depressing to live in, and even harder to rent out.

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