Australia's unemployment surges again
13 February 2015

The surprise drop in Australia’s unemployment rate in December has proved an anomaly with the figure surging back up to 6.4 per cent in January.

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Could first-home buyer stats error push up interest rates?
11 February 2015

As reported last week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has admitted it had under-reported the first-home buyer share in Australia’s property market, and one prominent aggregator head says it could even push up interest rates.

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Melbourne's weekend auctions look set to sizzle
10 February 2015

Melbourne’s weekend auction market should see things heating right up off the back of the RBA’s latest interest rate cut.

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First-home buyer numbers higher than analysts thought
06 February 2015

The apparent slump in first-home buyer numbers isn’t quite as bad as analysts thought.

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Interest rate cut could keep property market wheels spinning
04 February 2015

After much speculation over the last couple of months, with plenty of people split over which way interest rates would go next, the Reserve Bank last night dropped them a quarter of a per cent to a new record low of 2.25 per cent.

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