Tread carefully if someone asks you to guarantee their loan
08 April 2014

One day, a family member, loved one or friend may ask you to guarantee a loan for them.

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Interest rate rises could actually stimulate borrower activity
07 April 2014

Some mortgage brokers believe if the next move in interest rates is upward, it may actually lead to more business for them.

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The early bird catches the off the plan worm
04 April 2014

One of the best known sayings in real estate is ‘Location, Location, Location!’. But when it comes to buying a new apartment off the plan, the best catchcry you might want to be saying is ‘First in best dressed!’.

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Should financial literacy be taught in schools?
03 April 2014

Lending newcomer Yellow Brick Road has urged the government to teach financial literacy in schools.

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Economists divided over future interest rate cuts
02 April 2014

The Australian dollar rose, albeit briefly, to a four-month high off the back of this week’s RBA announcement of no change to interest rates.

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