Government scraps the NHSC
18 November 2013

The Federal Government has axed the National Housing Supply Council (NHSC). 

The NHSC was established in 2008 to keep track of housing supply, demand and affordability in Australia, and to identify gaps between housing demand and supply.

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Low interest rates attracting investors while first-home buyers struggle
12 November 2013

Property investors appear to be muscling in on entry-level property with the proportion of mortgages offered to first home buyers hitting record lows.

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Full-time jobs sliding as rates remain on hold
08 November 2013

Expectations of a near-term reduction in interest rates remain low despite full-time job losses in the labour market being at their highest level in 16 months.

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Construction of new homes finally on the rise
07 November 2013

The improving housing market has finally led to an increase in new-home construction - for the first time in three years.

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Moving out of your principal place of residence but keeping it as an investment property
06 November 2013

Sometimes it can be ideal for investors to move out of their home but keep the old place as an investment. You might be needing to move into a bigger or smaller residence, or may have to move for work reasons.

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