Rates are steady again this month but do first-home buyers want them to rise?
08 July 2015

The RBA kept interest rates at 2 per cent this week no doubt pleasing many home owners and investors.

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RBA keeps rates on hold and the door ajar for possible future cuts
07 July 2015

The RBA has kept interest rates on hold for the second successive month and they remain steady at 2 per cent.

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The 20 cheapest suburbs in Melbourne to buy property
24 June 2015

Housing affordability has been a hot topic of late and plenty of first-home buyers are looking at where they might be able to enter the market.

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New social network for finance consumers
23 June 2015

A new social network for finance has been launched called that connects financial consumers.

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Where Australia sits with global house prices
18 June 2015

There’s plenty of chat around about how high house prices are in Sydney and to a lesser extent Melbourne right now.

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