'Boom fatigue' starting to bite as property hopefuls give up the ghost
22 April 2021

Property seekers in Melbourne and indeed other sizzling markets around the country are leaving the market suffering ‘boom fatigue’.

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Commonwealth Bank tips 10% house price growth in 2021
17 April 2021

The two biggest banks in Australia have forecast house prices to rise by ten per cent or more this year.

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Melbourne becoming a cheap place to rent
15 April 2021

Melbourne is becoming one of the most affordable capital cities in the country to rent, with house rents hitting record highs in some states.

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New minimum standards for property putting the squeeze on some landlords
08 April 2021

Some landlords in our state are choosing to sell up rather than try to meet new minimum standard property laws that came into effect at the end of March.

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RBA leaves rates unchanged as it waits for inflation and unemployment to hit targets
07 April 2021

The RBA has left interest rates unchanged this month but says it is keeping close watch on the booming housing market.

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