Pressure on house prices could ease if the big four are forced to raise $18b in capital
27 May 2015

The big four banks might have to raise $18 billion of new capital as the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority continues to look at implementing recommendations from the financial system inquiry.

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Major bank tightens investment lending criteria
22 May 2015

As of today, Bankwest will apply new lending criteria for those seeking investment loans that will require applicants to have a deposit of at least 20 per cent.

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RBA leaves door open for one more rate cut
21 May 2015

The Reserve Bank is leaving the door well and truly open to another interest rate cut due to fears house prices in some Australian cities will fall without further assistance.

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Shorten puts housing affordability back on the agenda
20 May 2015

Housing affordability in Australia is set to remain in focus after comments made from Bill Shorten in his Budget reply speech.

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Home renovations that can drag your property price down
14 May 2015

The idea to renovate your home is to make it more desirable to live in but also to add value when it comes time to sell.

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