Banks have understated investor loans says RBA deputy governor
05 November 2015

An RBA official says Australian banks have understated the value of investor loans and it justifies the decision from regulators to crack down on investor loans.

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Rates kept on hold on Cup day but low inflation keeps the door open for more cuts
04 November 2015

The Reserve Bank has resisted the temptation to cut interest rates on Melbourne Cup day but has left the door open for more cuts in the future.

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RBA's 'shadow board' says interest rates are appropriate
02 November 2015

The Reserve Bank has no need to cut interest rates tomorrow according to the Australian National University.

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Big four banks' mortgage rate hike fuels RBA discussion on future rate cuts
30 October 2015

Now that the big four banks have all lifted their mortgage rates after Westpac made the first move, it could put the onus on the RBA to again cut their official rate on Melbourne Cup day.

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Tips on making an offer on property
29 October 2015

When you’ve landed upon the property that you really want, what is the best way to go about making an offer?

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