What who can buy and where in Melbourne
11 June 2015

Recent comments about housing affordability and first-home buyers from Treasurer Joe Hockey have led to him being labelled out of touch.

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Understanding a housing 'bubble'
10 June 2015

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has caused a stir by saying that people looking to buy their first home should ‘get a good job’.

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Australia warned to stop cutting rates by the OECD
04 June 2015

While there are plenty of economic experts who think interest rates will be cut again this year after the RBA left them steady this month, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development says Australia should stop cutting rates now.

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RBA leaves rates at 2% but experts say there's more cuts on the way
03 June 2015

The Reserve bank has kept interest rates at their record low of 2 per cent this month, but experts say there are more cuts coming later this year.

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Property industry a shining light for the Government
29 May 2015

While the economy has slowed and commodity prices have dropped sharply, the housing industry has been the one shining light for the Government.

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