The stats that matter in property investment
05 December 2014

The finance and property markets are filled with statistics and measures. It’s obviously the way to read the economic state of things and the way to garner ideas on where things might be heading – crucial in planning economic moves.

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RBA keeps rates steady amid uncertainty on future moves
03 December 2014

Interest rates have remained unchanged for the 15th policy meeting in a row.


Comments made by the RBA during this month’s meeting again emphasised that the current rate levels were right for fostering sustainable growth.

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The allure of a holiday home investment in summer
02 December 2014

With the arrival of summer and the festive season, it can be a time of the year when property investors get caught up in the allure of holidays and want to buy a holiday home.

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OECD says Australia should lift rates in 2015
27 November 2014

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has recommended to the Reserve Bank that they lift interest rates early in 2015.

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Auctions running hot
26 November 2014

Auctions are running hot in Australia this year, being well in favour with sellers.

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