New social network for finance consumers
23 June 2015

A new social network for finance has been launched called that connects financial consumers.

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Where Australia sits with global house prices
18 June 2015

There’s plenty of chat around about how high house prices are in Sydney and to a lesser extent Melbourne right now.

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RBA minutes suggest we shouldn't write off further rate cuts
17 June 2015

The Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens might have labelled Sydney’s house prices as ‘crazy’ last week but that alone won’t stop further rate cuts.

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Property Council calls for stamp duty to be abolished - and paid for by changes to the GST
16 June 2015

The Property Council has again called for the abolition of stamp duty amid heightened national debate about housing affordability.

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Australian dollar heading for low US60s: Morgan Stanley
12 June 2015

In a new forecast Morgan Stanley has predicted the Australian dollar to fall to US68c by the end of the year and to drop even further by the end of 2016 to US62c.

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