Door opening for multiple interest rate cuts in 2015
31 March 2015

The RBA looks set to cut rates again in April and even further as the year progresses to a level below 2 per cent.

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RBA turns its watchful eye to the commercial sector
27 March 2015

The RBA is spreading it’s concerned gaze to the half a trillion dollar commercial property sector.

The Reserve Bank has warned that the sector is emerging as the latest source of a potential crash as investment surges.

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Illegal foreign property buying hard to police
26 March 2015

The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) says uncovering and prosecuting illegal residential property buying by foreigners is very difficult and a certain amount slipping through the cracks is inevitable.

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Older Australians missing out on the benefits of low interest rates
25 March 2015

Young people that are doing well financially are benefitting most from the sustained period of low interest rates, and it’s largely at the expense of older Australians.

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Watchdog launches federal court action against mortgage repayment strategy
19 March 2015

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched legal action in the federal court on the mortgage repayment strategy that connects struggling borrowers with investors.

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