The Federal Government's plans to axe responsible lending laws are set for a torrid time in the Senate
19 November 2020

The Federal Government wants to axe new responsible lending laws amid the COVID economic downturn but it might have a tough time getting it through the Senate.

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NSW plan to phase out stamp duty garnering widespread support
18 November 2020

New South Wales has announced plans to phase out stamp duty and it’s getting support from both sides of politics, as well as the Reserve Bank governor.

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Economic confidence on the rise as Australia moves out of recession
13 November 2020

The Australian economy is showing good bounce as it starts to move out of its COVID-affected recession.

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Federal Government considers expanding best interests duty for mortgage brokers
12 November 2020

The federal government is looking at extending best interest duty to all credit assistance providers, not just mortgage brokers.

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Small lenders quick to pass on RBA's latest rate cut
06 November 2020

Smaller lenders have been quick to immediately pass on the RBA’s interest rate cut to customers but the big four weren’t so trigger-happy.

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