First home buyers facing stiff competition from property owning ladder climbers
29 July 2016

Home owners keen to use their borrowing power to further their property investments are making things harder for first home buyers.

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Most Australians think it's a good time to sell property
28 July 2016

Melburnians are the most optimistic of them all

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Interest rates could well be cut again next week after more weak inflation figures
27 July 2016

Inflation has sunk to its lowest level since 1999 and it has left the door wide open for more interest rate cuts this year.

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Melbourne's median house price hits new record
21 July 2016

Melbourne property prices jumped 1.5 per cent in the June quarter to set a new median house price record.

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Victoria's coastal property markets have been outperforming Melbourne
19 July 2016

Properties in Melbourne’s regional areas are becoming more than just holiday homes, with areas like the Mornington Peninsula outperforming the metropolitan area.

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