Prime Minister Abbott flags fees for foreign property investors
25 February 2015

The Federal Government has proposed hitting foreign buyers with steep application fees every time they want to buy property in Australia, and there are concerns about what it will do to foreign investment.

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Leading economist speaks out against cutting rates
24 February 2015

When our economy is sluggish and it needs a kick along the best way to initiate activity is to cut interest rates right? Wrong, according to one of Australia’s leading economists.

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Growth in mortgage broking deals
20 February 2015

Brokers account for nearly two thirds of the growth in the home loan market over the last year but their share of the entire mortgage market dropped in the December quarter.

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RBA says housing market needs to be watched closely
19 February 2015

The housing market needs careful monitoring according to an overwhelming number of members of the Reserve Bank Board.

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Australia's unemployment surges again
13 February 2015

The surprise drop in Australia’s unemployment rate in December has proved an anomaly with the figure surging back up to 6.4 per cent in January.

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