New laws set to allow developers to find new foreign buyers from failed off-the-plan sales
30 January 2017

New rules are being assessed by our Federal Government that look to give protection to property developers from foreign buyers that pull out of deals.

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Melbourne's median house price nudging $800,000
25 January 2017

Melbourne’s house prices have grown consistently for the last four years and its median house price now sits at $795,447 with further moderate growth predicted for 2017.

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Scott Morrison has flown to London to seek advice on housing affordability
23 January 2017

The Government is looking at implementing a housing bond aggregator to give affordable housing providers cheap and lengthy tenor debt for the construction of new homes.


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Chinese investors are back lighting up Melbourne development sites
19 January 2017

Chinese developers have again been making their presence felt, snaffling 75 per cent of Melbourne’s development sites in the back end of last year.

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Bank rate hikes for investor loans fail to slow growth in Australia
18 January 2017

Despite interest rate rises from banks, November has seen a 4.9 per cent jump in lending to property investors around the nation.

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