Helpful tips when buying off the plan
05 January 2017

Top ten tips for property buyers and investors who want to go ahead and buy off the plan.

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Surprise December surge sees Melbourne's property price growth end 2016 above 13%
04 January 2017

An unexpected surge in property prices in December has seen Melbourne’s housing market finish the year 13 per cent higher in value than when it started.

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The importance of zoning in commercial property
21 December 2016

To make your commercial property and business a success, you need to understand and get your zoning right.

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New rules aim to put an end to dingy, airless and windowless apartments
19 December 2016

New standards are in for Victorian apartments to make sure new constructions have enough light, air and storage.

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The US Central Bank has lifted interest rates for just the second time since 2008
16 December 2016

The USA’s central bank has lifted their interest rates for just the second time since the 2008 GFC and some economists say it’s good news for Australia.

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