Website aims to expose the worst builders and developers
24 August 2016

A website is developing some traction that is designed to expose the worst property developers and builders.

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Melbourne property market looks set for robust spring selling season
22 August 2016

The spring selling season is fast approaching and it’s good news for Melbourne’s property market, it’s in the healthiest state it’s been for some time.

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Melbourne holds on to world's most liveable city tag for another year
18 August 2016

Melbourne’s property market took a nice shot in the arm today after the city was named the world’s most liveable by The Economist for the 6th year in a row.

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Banking regulators lean on lenders to slow interest-only loans
16 August 2016

Banking regulators are tightening the screw on profitable interest-only loans in case things go sour in an economic downturn.




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House prices for July buck sluggish economy
15 August 2016

Australian capital city house prices continued to push upwards in July despite the sluggish economy.

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