Brisbane looks set to lead Australia's house price rises for the next three years
16 July 2019

A lot of Melbournians start thinking about the warmer air in Brisbane this time of year and investors might also want to start thinking about property there.

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The worst of the property downturn could be over
12 July 2019

The property downturn worst could be over as the Melbourne and Sydney property markets look to have stabilised.

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Melbourne office market boom set to kick on
10 July 2019

While the housing market in Melbourne continues its downturn the office market boom shows no sign of abating.

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RBA has cut interest rates for the second month in a row to new record-low of 1%
04 July 2019

The Reserve Bank has cut rates to a new record-low of 1 per cent and it isn’t backing away from criticism by saying it’ll cut again if it has to.

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Property valuers place most mainland capitals at the bottom of the property cycle clock
02 July 2019

Analysis from a large Australian property valuation company shows our major mainland capital cities are at the bottom of their price cycle after a lengthy period of low clearance rates, price drops and falling confidence.

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