Choosing the best way to pay your deposit on a property
09 August 2017

A lot of investors don’t give much thought to the way they choose to pay for their deposits but it can impact borrowing capacity and tax effectiveness.

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'Rentvesters' are an emerging sector of the property market
07 August 2017

Young property buyers are ‘rentvesting’ to beat the housing affordability crisis by renting where they want to live and buying where they can actually afford.

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Could property crowdfunding work in Australia?
03 August 2017

Australian investors struggling to get into the property market could soon turn to crowdfunding to get around mortgages and auctions.

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Aussie dollar surging as RBA keeps rates on hold for August
02 August 2017

The RBA has kept rates on hold for another month despite the central bank weighing the economic effects of sluggish growth, weak inflation and a resurgent Australian dollar.

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Melbourne leading the property market charge in Australia's two-tiered system
01 August 2017

The latest property market figures show Australian capital cities are still a two-tiered system and it’s Melbourne that’s leading the charge.

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