A new survey shows property industry optimism is bright
24 August 2017

The property industry remains overwhelmingly optimistic despite tougher lending conditions according to new Urban Developer and Development Finance Partners research.

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APRA has refined its serviceability rules for loans
22 August 2017

It's the latest phase in their ongoing tightening of lending standards in Australia.

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RBA still keeping a close eye on rising house prices
18 August 2017

The RBA could be coming to the opinion that house prices aren’t actually cooling as much as they’d like.

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New suburb in Melbourne's west to stimulate jobs and help housing affordability
15 August 2017

Construction of a new suburb in Melbourne’s west called Mount Atkinson will begin by the end of the year.

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Auction clearance rates in Melbourne on the weekend the weakest in more than a year
14 August 2017

Melbourne recorded the weakest auction clearance rate for over a year on the weekend in a sign the market is finally meeting expectations of a slowdown.

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