Should you switch to a principal-and-interest home loan?
07 September 2017

The June quarter has seen a noticeable seven per cent drop in new interest-only housing loans.

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Interest rates on hold again as national economy sprouts some spring green shoots
06 September 2017

The RBA has left interest rates on hold for another month amid growing optimism on the national economy.

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'Build-to-rent' property sector could be an answer to housing affordability
01 September 2017

The fight to improve housing affordability in cities like Melbourne could well be helped by the development of a ‘build to rent’ sector.

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Property market competition has borrowers looking further afield for better loan prices and deals
29 August 2017

Home loan consumers and brokers are searching further and wider for better prices as market competition and noise are making searching for a better deal a viable use of time and resources.

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Chinese restrictions on overseas investors could slow developments in Australian property
28 August 2017

Chinese regulators have brought in new restrictions on corporate investment overseas and it might have an effect on new developments in the Australian property market.

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