Income and expense verification could be headed towards automation
14 December 2017

Banks could soon be verifying potential borrowers’ incomes and expenses through a digital automated process.

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One third of Melbourne's suburbs now have a median house price over $1 million
12 December 2017

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria data says 154 out of Melbourne’s 402 suburbs have a $1 million or more median house price. 

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Australian property market slowdown rolls on
08 December 2017

The Australian housing market slowdown is continuing and things look like they will keep slowing as we head into the new year.

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It's the year of low interest rates as RBA again leaves rates unchanged for December
06 December 2017

The entire year has seen the RBA interest rate unchanged at the record low of 1.5 per cent, and it’s the 16th month in a row now rates have sat there.

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End of year property sales an opportunity for buyers
30 November 2017

Akin to an ‘end of year sale’, a property expert from Channel 9’s The Block says this can be a great time of year to snap up a bargain.

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