Tips on making an offer prior to auction
03 November 2016

Submitting an offer on a property is one option potential property buyers have up their sleeve. Sometimes it can work for the buyer, sometimes against.

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Interest rates on hold again as RBA eyes a sunnier outlook
02 November 2016

The Reserve Bank has kept interest rates on hold for a second month and are sounding more upbeat about the economy

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Melbourne and Sydney's median house price push through to new heights
27 October 2016

Melbourne and Sydney’s median house prices both pushed up to new highs for the September quarter amid ongoing low interest rates and solid local economies.

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The number of real estate agents is swelling as the property market cools off
26 October 2016

The real estate market is generally slowing in Australia right now but there’s record high numbers of new real estate agents.

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Melbourne's bayside rents showing some sizzle
19 October 2016

Rents have been rising faster in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs than pretty much anywhere else over the last year.

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