First-home buyers are targeting Melbourne's inner western suburbs
14 May 2021

The inner western suburbs of Melbourne are becoming a highly sought-after location for first-home buyers trying to crack into the soaring housing market.

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Calls to increase housing supply to improve affordability
11 May 2021

Moves in this year’s federal budget to try and improve housing affordability could end up making things worse according to some experts.

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House price spike lures property investors from the woodwork
07 May 2021

The property price boom around the country is seeing a rise in investor activity.

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RBA insists interest rates unlikely to lift before 2024
05 May 2021

The RBA has kept the official cash rate at just 0.1 per cent for another month as forecasters continue to suggest that’s where they’ll stay for another year or two.

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Price rises set for Melbourne's suburban apartments
30 April 2021

Apartments out in the suburbs are making a comeback in the property market as a new wave of investor interest and housing affordability struggles cause attention to be turned to the sector.

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