The US Federal Reserve has hiked its interest rate above Australia's for the first time in 18 years
23 March 2018

More hikes are expected to the US Fed’s target funds rate later this year and again in 2019 while the Australian rate stays relatively steady.

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Loan serviceability standards could be the next focus for banking regulators
21 March 2018

UBS says the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has been hinting at moves on serviceability and the banking royal commission has had its early focus on responsible lending and it's building pressure on regulators to act.

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Victorian Government launches pilot shared equity scheme to assist first-home buyers
15 March 2018

The new HomesVic scheme will assist up to 400 first-home buyers meet the criteria to be eligible to enter the housing market by reducing the amount they need to snare a property.

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Land-use restrictions and zoning rules might add more cost to property than you think
14 March 2018

Government land-use regulations and zoning rules are costing homebuyers in Melbourne $324,000 on an average property.

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Commonwealth Bank has issued a round of rate cuts to interest-only loans
08 March 2018

The Commonwealth Bank has issued a round of interest-only rate cuts and the other major lenders are expected to follow suit.

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