Australian banks step up relief for Aussie businesses
02 April 2020

The Australian Banking Association has extended its Small Business Relief Package to include 98 per cent of all businesses with an Australian bank loan.

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Property market weakens as social distancing takes hold
31 March 2020

Ever-tightening social distancing measures saw a good portion of Australia’s auctions withdrawn on the weekend, weakening the property market.

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Tasmania debates emergency rental laws and other states could follow suit
26 March 2020

Emergency laws are being debated in Tasmania that would protect renters from being evicted for four months during the coronavirus crisis.

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Melbourne auctions face hiatus as part of non-essential service shutdown
24 March 2020

Melbourne’s weekend auctions could be suspended as part of a state-wide shutdown of non-essential services.

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RBA makes emergency interest rate cut to new record-low 0.25%
19 March 2020

The RBA has made an emergency interest rate cut in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, slashing them to a new record-low of 0.25 per cent.

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