Commonwealth Bank brings forward interest rate rise forecast to 2022
25 June 2021

The Commonwealth Bank has this week joined a couple of the other major banks and brought forward their expectations of an official cash rate rise.

The CBA have gone as far as to forecast rates to rise before the 

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First homebuyers targeting both inner and outer metro areas
24 June 2021

You might expect first homebuyers to be targeting the lower end of the property market, struggling to get a foot on the property ladder financially, but somewhat surprisingly there’s still plenty hitting up the inner city areas.

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Strong May unemployment figures bring forward likelihood of RBA rate cut
18 June 2021

A better-than-expected unemployment result in May has brought forward the expectation of interest rate rise.

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Dumping stamp duty for an annual land tax could make housing 4% cheaper
15 June 2021

The Federal Government is being pressed to dump stamp duty in favour of letting buyers choose an annual land tax.

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Melbourne auctions back on the streets as the city emerges from another lockdown
11 June 2021

The Victorian Government has announced it is easing its stage 4 COVID restrictions.

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