Melbourne auctions face hiatus as part of non-essential service shutdown
24 March 2020

Melbourne’s weekend auctions could be suspended as part of a state-wide shutdown of non-essential services.

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RBA makes emergency interest rate cut to new record-low 0.25%
19 March 2020

The RBA has made an emergency interest rate cut in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, slashing them to a new record-low of 0.25 per cent.

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Property buyers were still out and about at Melbourne auctions on the weekend despite health fears
17 March 2020

Property buyers were still keen to get out and about on the weekend despite coronavirus spread fears, although real estate agents were noticeably putting away their handshakes to limit possible spread.

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Melbourne property market remaining strong despite coronavirus fears
10 March 2020

The coronavirus is all over the news and starting to affect the stock market significantly but it hasn’t made much impact on Melbourne’s property market yet.

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The RBA has cut interest rates to a new record-low 0.5 per cent
04 March 2020

The RBA made the move largely in an attempt to counter the economic damage from the global coronavirus spread and the recent bushfire crisis here at home.

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