Fixed home loan rates emerging from the shadows
30 April 2020

Fixed interest rates are emerging as the major player after their average dropped lower than variable rates recently.

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Median house prices in Melbourne up 2% in March quarter
24 April 2020

Prior to the coronavirus nightmare Melbourne’s median house price rose two per cent in the March quarter but is expected to start falling from this point.

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Entry-level property market action heating up in Melbourne
21 April 2020

Entry-level homes are currently where the action is in Melbourne’s property market while the world grapples with the spread of coronavirus.

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State Government announces its $500 million rental assistance package
17 April 2020

The Victorian Government this week announced its $500 million rent package in response to the coronavirus crisis.

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Borrowers urged to take advantage of record-low interest rates
15 April 2020

The best way for a lot of mortgage borrowers to access the current super-low interest rates going around is refinance their loan and turn themselves into brand new borrowers.

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