New survey finds one in five property buyers spend over their budget limit
18 April 2018

A good portion of the respondents went over budget by a significant amount, with nearly half of them blowing their budget by $30,000 or more.

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Cranes staying up in our skies for commercial projects as residential construction wanes
13 April 2018

Residential construction is on the wane but the cranes are still in the sky – moving over into the commercial space.

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Mortgage broking industry fires back at banks over business model
11 April 2018

Brokers say recent criticism from banks amid the banking royal commission are a diversionary tactic and that if a flat fee for their service was introduced it would make home loans more expensive.

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Reduced borrowing capacity set to come out of banking royal commission
06 April 2018

A key outcome of the current banking royal commission shapes as reduced borrowing capacity for homebuyers.

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Deja vu as official cash rate kept at 1.5% for another month
04 April 2018

The Reserve Bank has kept official interest rates at 1.5 per cent for the 18th consecutive time, and that’s a record.

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