The Federal Government has revamped the Pensioner Loans Scheme
22 December 2021

The Pension Loan Scheme will be overhauled by the federal government to allow seniors to unlock the equity in their home under a new reverse mortgage model.


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Property investors are filling the void left by priced-out first home buyers
15 December 2021

Property investors are muscling on the market as first home buyers increasingly find themselves struggling to be able to borrow enough for a purchase.

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The pockets of Melbourne that are still priced from five years ago
10 December 2021

Property values are soaring in Melbourne, which now has a median house price of over $1 million, compared to around $770,000 five years ago.

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A surge in listings sees the property market pendulum in Melbourne swing back towards buyers
29 November 2021

The worm has turned in the Melbourne property market in favour of buyers as a surge in listings floods the market and puts downward pressure on prices.


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Tough time in retirement for those Australians left off the property ladder
19 November 2021

There are growing fears for the increasing number of Australians who don’t own property they face a very uncertain retirement.

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