Opportunities for developers as university numbers set to spike
14 August 2018

The demand for Australian student housing is set to boom in the coming years and it presents an opportunity for property developers.

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Founding ACCC chair says ASIC is ineffective
09 August 2018

The founding chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – Allan Fels – says the corporate regulator is too soft in fighting bank misconduct.

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Property buyers hoping to beat the price boom is turning to sellers hoping to beat price drops
07 August 2018

Things can turn around pretty quickly in the property game, it wasn’t that long ago that prospective buyers were throwing money at vendors for fear of paying more if they waited as prices rocketed.

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In a buyers' market it can be all about one thing - timing
03 August 2018

The property market in Melbourne is cooling and it should prick the ears of potential buyers with prices sliding, and according to the experts the key to making a good buy is all in the timing.

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New housing construction set for big slump
01 August 2018

New housing construction is set to drop significantly over the next few years with housing starts to fall over 20 per cent.

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