A surge in listings sees the property market pendulum in Melbourne swing back towards buyers
29 November 2021

The worm has turned in the Melbourne property market in favour of buyers as a surge in listings floods the market and puts downward pressure on prices.


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Tough time in retirement for those Australians left off the property ladder
19 November 2021

There are growing fears for the increasing number of Australians who don’t own property they face a very uncertain retirement.

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Property prices could surge again as the country opens its borders to the world
12 November 2021

The recent property market surge was largely driven by housing supply issues and now as our international borders begin to open again, fresh demand could surge prices once again.

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The days of cheap money are closing in as borrowers rush to fix loans
05 November 2021

The race is on for home loan borrowers to fix their loans in the face of lenders increasing long-term rates and tightening lending conditions.

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The nation’s inflation rate has hit a six-year high
29 October 2021

After what seems like an eternity there are signs of life from the nation’s inflation figures and it could mean interest rates start heading north.

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